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Three FDNY firefighters injured in Bronx blaze

Three FDNY firefighters injured in Bronx blaze


Firefighters at 344 White Plains Road where a firefighter was seriously injured fighting a two alarm fire on Friday, May 17, 2024. The injured firefighter was transported to Jacobi Hospital. (Sam Costanza for the New York Daily News)

In the Bronx, a fire erupted in a two-story residence, leading to the hospitalization of two FDNY firefighters, as confirmed by fire officials on Friday. Another firefighter received treatment at the scene.

Initially, the Emergency Medical Service reported a firefighter sustaining a life-threatening injury. However, an FDNY source clarified that the firefighter was conscious and conversing. As a precautionary measure, the firefighter was undergoing treatment in a hyperbaric chamber at Jacobi Medical Center due to a possible malfunction or damage to their mask.

Mayor Eric Adams, accompanied by FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh, visited the hospitalized firefighters on Friday evening. Commissioner Kavanagh highlighted the crucial role of EMS workers in saving the firefighter's life. They administered Hydroxocobalamin promptly when the firefighter collapsed while combating the blaze, mitigating the effects of arsenic from smoke inhalation.

Describing the chaos, Jose Fernandez, a 65-year-old resident who lost his home in the fire, recounted witnessing the flames engulfing the neighboring building while tending to his birds. Fernandez, a retired construction worker residing in the building for three decades, recalled the panic among his 125 pigeons housed atop the unattached garage as smoke billowed.

Detailing his ordeal, Fernandez said, "My home, on the second floor, was in flames and destroyed." He also mentioned witnessing a firefighter being stretchered out after sustaining injuries.

The fire ignited around 3 p.m. at 344 White Plains Rd. near Patterson Ave. in Clason Point, rapidly spreading to an adjacent property. Firefighters battled the blaze, which escalated to two alarms, finally gaining control by 4:30 p.m.

Fire marshals initiated an investigation into the blaze's origin.


Three FDNY firefighters injured in Bronx blaze

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